April 2000 News:


THE 600 ZONE - HP JetSend for PocketPC

26 April 2000

HP has introduced JetSend for the PocketPCs. Click here for full story.


THE 600 ZONE - Jornada 545 PocketPC

14 April 2000

HP unveiled its new PocketPC (ex-Palm Sized PC). Click here for specs and picture.


THE 600 ZONE - Subsidies for HandHelds?

12 April 2000

We might assist in a decline of the HandHeld market within the following few years as mobile phones will be perfect substitutes. Click here for full story.



8 April 2000

I have created a WAP version of the site that you can access via your GSM WAP phone (Nokia 7110 is the best). The address of THE 600 ZONE WAP Version is : http://www.wapdrive.net/adamou/ . This is a very simplified version with news only. I hope that you will all enjoy it!


THE 600 ZONE - Netscape and WindowsCE?

7 April 2000

AOL Chair Steve Case unveiled the beta release of Netscape 6 and three Gateway Internet appliances, similar to the CE-based MSN Web Companion. Click here for full story.


THE 600 ZONE - First review of WindowsCE 3.0 PocketPC

3 April 2000

Here we are, PocketPC is ready to be shipped. A review on the PocketPC reveils  us that CE 3.0 is completly different from a point of view of the graphical interface. Click here for full story.


THE 600 ZONE - HP 695e PRO Announced today!!!

1 April 2000

HP has annouced it newest HPC! The HP 659e PRO features 128Mb of RAM, a 16million color 7inch TFT screen. Capabilities to play DVD directly from an attached special DVD-rom drive created by HP (slimmest of the world) . It also features a built-in ISDN modem and a brand new sound system with rear and front channel output (like the Sound Blaster Live! for PCs) so you can watch your DVD with cinema sound. The device features an S-Video output so you can connect it to the TV. Last thing, it runs WindowsCE 4.0. The size of the device is the same as the 680e and 690e. The price of the 695e PRO is fixed to 650$ without DVD-rom drive and 690$ with DVD-rom drive and will be available ONLY today in your favourite computer shop!