February 2000

THE 600 ZONE - MS introduces DirectX for CE

29 February 2000

Microsoft has introduced DirectX for WindowsCE at the Embedded Systems Conference (ECS) Spring 2000. Click here for full story.


THE 600 ZONE - Pocket PC in June!

29 February 2000

It looks like we will see the Pocket PCs in June. Microsoft is trying to kill the Palm market and wants to bring out its new toy before 3com. I'm wondering if they will respect that release date for once ;-p


THE 600 ZONE - The new OS (Pocket PC - ex-windowsce) will include a full IE browser!

25 February 2000

Microsoft has announced that the next version of CE will inculde a full version of Internet Browser. Click here for full story.


THE 600 ZONE - MS unveils the new look of WindowsCE

24 February 2000

Microsoft plans to reveal upgrade details for CE. Click here for full story.


THE 600 ZONE - At CeBIT, mobile has gone global

22 February 2000

From Microsoft's portable version of Internet Explorer to the "eDress", the resounding theme of this year's CeBIT Fair is that mobile computing is the future. Click here for full story.


THE 600 ZONE - Cool Downloads Updated

19 February 2000

Added 2 new programs under the Cool Downloads section.


THE 600 ZONE - WindowsCE Discussion Board

18 February 2000

Good News, the discussion board functions again!


THE 600 ZONE - Jornada 680 Outperforms Rivals 

15 February 2000

After a test in the labs of NSTL, the Jornada 680 outperforms its rivals! Click here for full story.


THE 600 ZONE - Adobe PDF reader for WindowsCE

11 February 2000

All is said in the topic. Click here for full story.


THE 600 ZONE - WindowsCE Discussion Board

09 February 2000

The server is down for whatever reason. Anyone knows of a free server that offers Message Board hostings or has FrontPage Server extensions? Please E-Mail me ASAP.


THE 600 ZONE - NEC unveils a new CPU

09 February 2000

Nec unveiled a new CPU which incorporates 4 chips and uses 75% less battery life than todays CPUs. Click here for full story.


THE 600 ZONE - MS Targets the GSM Market

08 February 2000

Microsoft seems to target the mobile phone market. They realized that there is still a huge development to do on that market. Todays mobile phones are very simple. According to Kevin Dallas, 10% of the mobile phones in 2003 will offer access to agenda and address services. I think that America is far behind Europe in the development of GSMs and they still don't realize what will be the future of this market. Click here for full story.


THE 600 ZONE - WindowsCE Discussion Board

07 February 2000

There seems to be a problem with the server today. I hope that it will be fixed for tomorrow. I will try to investigate what the problem is.


THE 600 ZONE - Linux PDA

04 February 2000

Samsung's Yopy is a Color PDA running Linux. It has everything preinstalled and is 100% ready for MP3 playing. It might be a PPC killer if WindowsCE 3.0 is not a real improvement on 2.11. Click HERE!


THE 600 ZONE - Design Completed

03 February 2000

Finally, I have decided to make the new design at once. I hope that you will enjoy it. If you have any new ideas, I would welcome them.


THE 600 ZONE - New Design

02 February 2000

I have decided to change the look of the site slowly by making changes one by one. I would welcome any ideas as it is very difficult to match the taste of everyone. Also, I need to know if the site is 100% viewable with Pocket Internet Explorer or not or what does work and what doesn't. Send me an E-Mail.