THE 600 ZONE - New tip submited

24 January 2002

After 2 years of inactivity, I have just added a new tip, thanks to Ken Van Hoeylandt.

THE 600 ZONE - This is a good deal

11 May 2000

For anyone who owns a Casio E100/E105. Read this deal.


THE 600 ZONE - ZDNet Presents PDA Software Awards

11 May 2000

ZDNet has announced the second annual PDA Software Awards. Click here for full story.


THE 600 ZONE - is operational

08 May 2000

Here we are. My WEB site is fully operational. The feedback forms do not work anymore so I will have to do some new ones. As I am in a period of exams, it was already hard for me to organize the moving of the server and of course creating a new design with Macromedia Flash for the front page. I really hope that you enjoy the design of The direct link to THE 600 ZONE is I don't know for the moment if I will remove the JAVA popup menu on the page. Please e-mail me some suggestions at Thank You. 


THE 600 ZONE -

04 May 2000

Well it happened faster than I thought. I got my new domain, the server is online. I have to transfert all the files, modify the links etc... Big work to do. So if everything goes on well, the site will be operational on the week-end. I haven't yet decided to put THE 600 ZONE under the folder. I will post all the details when everything works.


THE 600 ZONE - Moving in a few days / weeks

02 May 2000

I have decided to get my own domain name for the site so please keep using because that link will be updated. This address ( will soon disapear. I will not divulg the new domain name until I get it so please be patient ;-p