Review of the STYLUSPlus by Adam SIMONICS
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This new stylus is revolutionary!

It is an "all in 1" pen concept. It has two ball pens with red and black ink, it has a pencil (with a rubber) and the best of all, it also has a stylus built-in!

The Stylus part :

    The stylus part of the pen is great, it is smooth and very precise. I have tried it on a Newton PAD and on a Jornada 680. The stylus is much better than the ones that are given with the machines! It flies on the screen and you don't have the scratching feeling (after a moment of use) as you have sometimes with the orginial styluses.

The Ball Pen part :

    What can I say... It's a normal ball pen... The red and the black color is a good choice because when you need to correct errors in a document, you switch to red and when you write you use the black ink. Some of you might say, why not blue instead of black? Easy, the blue ink (even in a ball pen) can be erased, so when you sign something, a malicious person can erase your signature. The black cannot be erased.

The Pencil part :

    This is a simple pencil, rechargeable, when you brake the end just push the top of the pen and hop you can continue writing. On the other end of the pen you have a rubber, very small, so you won't use it often...

Overall :

    I always have the STYLUSPlus on me. The original stylus stays in the PDA / HPC and the pens are staying at home. The STYLUSPlus is a good replacement as it takes the place of 1 pen instead of 3 separate pens + a stylus.

Positive points :

Negative points :

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